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Red Dead two Fishing Guide: How to Fish, Tips for Catching Legendary Fishes, More

Red Dead Redemption two lets you fish, and it is a strong, pleasant, and rewarding pursuit that is a perfect for the game in particular. It is also somewhat involved, therefore we have put together a guide to help the fundamentals are learnt by you, which means you are able to easily begin to catch fish and also have a fun time. This guidebook also will go into depth on the various fish types in the game and where to find them, while we have also provided a the chart that will help you locate all thirteen of the game's Legendary fish.

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Starting off, fishing in Red Dead Redemption two is actually unlocked by playing the Chapter two story mission "A Fisher Of Men," in which you teach young Jack Marston to fish. Little Jack is taken by you down to the river for a fishing lesson, and this serves as your introduction to the product.

The way to Fish:

The first task is actually selecting the Fishing Rod of yours from the Items menu. Next, you have to connect bait to it, and this's split into 2 categories: Lure and Bobber (more on that later).

Hold LT/L2 to grip the rod and then RT/R2 to cast. Exactly how long you hold down RT/R2 is going to determine how much the cast goes. It may have you a couple of times to get a sense for it, though it is gratifying to land a cast exactly the place you would like it. As soon as you have cast the line of yours outside, what happens next is dependent on the bait you used. With a bobber, many of you've to do is actually sit and wait to get a bite You are able to tap RT/R2 to attract a close by fish (in case you are standing near enough to shore you may also see the fish in the water), but do it too much and you will spook them. With a lure, you've to reel in until a bite is felt by you. In case a fish is seen by you, cast beyond it and reel in the trick so the fish sees it coming by. You'll want to wait until you are feeling a strong bite before "striking"--with a bobber or maybe a lure--as fish will usually nibble a couple of times before biting down the hook. As soon as you have landed a fish, the real work starts.

The fish will instantly pull back, and you will think your line get tight, with your rod bending in response to the tugging. Wait until the fish gets tired before reeling in; attempting to reel as a fish is actually tugging will lead the line of yours to break. With a fish on the line, push the left stick in the opposite direction the fishing is actually moving to tire it out faster. You are able to also click in the right stick and drive it in any direction to stop the fish from taking more line out. Nevertheless, you have to be cautious with this particular technique as you are able to snap your line quite easily. You'll also click the line of yours in case a fish pulls away and gets behind other object or a rock.

You reel in by rotating the right stick counter clockwise. You will want to reel in as quickly as you possibly can when the fish grows tired, while simultaneously being aware of just how much line you've out, just how taut the line is actually, and where the fish is actually in the water. Pressing the left stick down as you reel in speeds up the procedure since the fish is brought by it straight in towards you. I discovered it was beneficial, if not a bit awkward, to make use of the thumb of mine and index finger at the exact same time to reel in a lot more quickly.

The quantity of battle a fish puts in is directly related to its type and size. You will have the ability to reel in smaller fish such as bluegills, rock bass, and smallmouth bass with relative ease. But catching bigger fish, like Sturgeon and Sockeye Salmon, can entail fights which take several minutes to finish. In case the line of yours is snapped by you, you will lose the bait of yours or maybe the lure of yours, but do not be discouraged as they're loads of fish available in Red Dead Redemption 2's many lakes, rivers, and swamps.

Bait Types:

The same as in life that is real, choosing the perfect bait is crucial in case you would like to reel in a huge one. You are able to buy simple bait types as cheese, corn, or bread, or perhaps invest much more money on worms and crayfish which help you land larger fish. There are also lures specific to swamps, lakes, and rivers, and also "special" lures that you will have to catch probably the biggest fish and also the Legendary ones. Here's a rundown of the bait variations we have come across that much.

Renowned Fish:

Head to the shore of Flat Iron Lake in the Heartlands to a place known as Gill Landing. Here, you will meet a stranger named...Gill, who's a world renowned fisherman, or perhaps at least that is what he wants you to think. He will hand you a map with the places of thirteen epic sized fish you will discover throughout the game. Snag them all and report back to Gill for the prize of yours. These're in fact mighty fish, so expect probably the toughest fishing battles the game has to offer. You are going to need to utilize the "special" lures mentioned above to bag these huge ones.

Look out For Goats

You will find unpenned billy goats throughout Lagras which could cause complications while fishing. On numerous occasions, I was fishing near the swamp and a goat smacked me in the rear, breaking the fishing line of mine while I was reeling in. It was frustrating, and I thought it may have been a bug. Though it happened 3 times, therefore the lesson here's watching out for goats while fishing in Lagras.


At a particular point a couple of hours into the game, a boat will be stolen by you and take it to camp. At this stage you are able to use it to head more into a lake to go after the larger fish which are inclined to live in deeper water. You are able to also steal boats you find on your journey to fish anyplace you would like.

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